Can I Sell My Car to a Dealership?

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Are you eager to improve your commute from Walla Walla to Tri-Cities with a new car? If so, you might be asking, “Can I sell my car to a dealership?” The answer is yes! Learning how to sell your car is easy, especially when you team up with the Underriner Honda of Walla Walla financiers for guidance. Below, we will answer questions like, “Can I sell my car back to the dealership where I bought it?” and give you steps for selling a car with a loan to a dealership. Read on with our team to get started!



Can I Sell My Car Back to the Dealership? How Does it Work?

If you’re wondering, “Can I sell my car to a dealership?” you’re not alone! Many Dayton drivers come to us with similar questions. Luckily, you can sell your car to our dealership. Here are some selling tips:

  • Clean Up Your Car: Taking the time to clean, detail, and spruce up your car can drastically improve the curb appeal. Consider replacing your wiper blades and other small, worn-out parts!
  • Write Down the Benefits Of Your Car: Does your vehicle include special features? Are you selling a car with trim-exclusive perks? List the benefits of your vehicle and provide a detailed service record!
  • Have Your Car’s Title on Hand: Visit your preferred dealership with the title in hand. That way, you’ll be able to make a quick deal when you’re ready to sell!
  • Research Your Car’s Value: Look up the current value of your vehicle on, Kelley Blue Book, and our trade-in value calculator. This will help you be prepared for any negotiations.
  • Pick Your Dealership Wisely: If you’re selling a newer car, you won’t have trouble finding a buyer. However, if you’re selling a high-mileage model, you might do better working with a dealership that exclusively sells used cars!

What to Expect When Selling Your Car at a Dealership

Once your vehicle is fit for sale, the process usually follows the steps below:

  • Make an Appointment: While you’re always welcome to stop by at your convenience, you can make an appointment to save yourself some time. Our team will work ahead to prep the paperwork for you!
  • Used Car Manager: When you visit a dealership to sell your car, you’ll work directly with a Used Car Manager or another salesperson to facilitate your deal. They’ll collect some information and run a history report on your vehicle.
  • Inspection: Sometimes, the Used Car Manager will inspect your car, in other instances the service team may take a look to check the quality and condition of your vehicle.
  • Consider the Offer: If you feel the offer matches your research, you can accept the deal. If not, feel free to negotiate for what feels fair!

Benefits of Selling Your Car to a Dealership

Working with your local dealership to sell your car offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Save Time & Avoid Hassles: Making a private auto sale includes researching the market, photographing your vehicle, advertising the car, screening buyers, dealing with paperwork, and more hassles. If you turn to a dealership like Underriner Honda of Walla Walla, you can make a fair sale in just one afternoon.
  • Lower Your New Car Price: When you sell your car before making an upgrade, you can use the sale price to offset the cost of your purchase!
  • Consolidate Debt: For some drivers, selling a car with a loan to a dealership is a quick and effective way to consolidate debt. When you roll over a car loan, you can pay off your old car and new car in one payment. All the while, you’ll be able to enjoy your College Place travels in a new vehicle!
  • Save on Your Taxes: When you sell your current model and purchase an upgrade at Underriner Honda of Walla Walla, you only pay the sales tax on the difference between the trade-in value and the cost of your new car.

Sell Your Car to Underriner Honda of Walla Walla!

Now that you can answer questions like “Can I sell my car back to the dealership?” and more, you’re ready to upgrade like a pro! Whether you’re interested in selling a car with a loan to a dealership or you want to sell a vehicle you own outright, Underriner Honda of Walla Walla is here to help you make a smart decision. Contact us today or visit us in College Place to shop!


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