How to Change a Brake Light

The brake lights on your Honda are constantly switching on and off as you’re driving in the College Place area, so it’s no shock when those light bulbs burn out occasionally. Consequently, they should be immediately replaced either by yourself or by scheduling a visit to our service department. Either way, learning how to replace a brake light is a fairly easy process so let’s get that done ASAP to keep you safe on Walla Walla roads and prevent unnecessary traffic tickets!

How To Replace A Brake Light

If you want to know how to replace a brake light yourself, please follow our simple guide below:

  • Locate the correct bulbs: Check your owner’s manual to find out the correct bulb size and voltage for your specific Honda model and then head over to our parts department who will have the exact replacement bulb on hand, ready to go.
  • Prepare Taillight Area: Now that you have the correct part, you’ll need to start by removing any interior panels that protect the taillight housing assy. They usually pop off with a flat-edge screwdriver exposing the colored housing.
  • Remove the Faulty Tail Light Bulb: The bulb should unscrew out of the housing fairly easily. If it is stuck, be careful not to grip too hard and break the bulb. Use lubricant to ease the difficult bulb out of its seated spot if necessary.
  • Replace the Brake-Light Bulb: As you install the new brake-light bulb, apply a bit of dielectric grease to the end, preventing corrosion and making life easier when it’s time to replace a bulb again. Replace the new bulb, ensuring it seats tightly in its housing. Reattach all the interior cover panels.
  • Check Bulb is Operating Correctly: You should double-check to make sure the bulb is operating properly. Have a friend or family member help you, or if you are alone, slowly back the vehicle up to your garage door or a wall and lightly hit the brakes. You should see the reflection of the brake light as it lights up.

You are now all set to get back on Tri-Cities andDayton area roads but if at any time you run into problems with this procedure, please contact our service center or schedule a service visit so our team can make the necessary corrections. Our team offers expert brake care and can even teach you how to check your brake fluid!

Scheduling a Service Visit at Underriner Honda of Walla Walla

Now that you’ve learned how to replace a brake light, you might want to learn more about how our service department can help you not only with your vehicle’s regularly scheduled maintenance tasks but also on major repairs that require the skills of a professional team of technicians. As a reminder, take advantage of our service specials and coupons to make your maintenance visits more affordable. Learn more from our team’s service tips and tricks like how to clean car seats or how to jump-start a car, or contact us for more details. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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