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Honda vehicles are some of the most popular options on the road, with a lineup including everything from the Accord, Civic, to the CR-V. With our certified pre-owned program there are even more options to park your own Honda in the garage. These award-winning vehicles have been a favorite for families, empty nesters, and millennials alike. We have all seen them during our work commute, as well as, long road trips down the west coast. Their popularity comes from design, performance, functionality and more.

What Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean?

Certified pre-owned cars, also referred to as CPO, are a specific type of used car. CPO cars have been inspected, refurbished, and certified by either a manufacturer or qualifying authority. CPO cars typically also come with bonuses of extended warranties and other benefits. Honda certified cars follow very specific guidelines in order to qualify for their pre-owned program, which helps set them above their competitors. This also means that whatever repairs or damage that was previously done to the car is fixed by Honda, therefore, it is not coming out of your own pocket.

Honda Certified Pre-Owned Guidelines and Perks

Honda offers a range of benefits and perks within our certified pre-owned program. We follow strict guidelines to ensure that clients are receiving the highest quality used vehicles. These guidelines entail:

  • Cannot be older than 6 years
  • Engine has less than 80,000 miles

After a 182-point inspection mechanical and physical, the perks of purchasing a certified pre-owned Honda include:

  • Roadside assistance
  • 3-month trial of XM Satellite Radio
  • Various warranty options

Typically, when we look at certified pre-owned vehicles it is to get a better deal for a recent vehicle, or maybe you just happen to prefer an older model, which Honda is able to offer to our drivers.

Ready to Purchase Your own Certified Pre-Owned Honda?

Certified pre-owned Honda vehicles provide additional opportunity for you to nab that Civic, Accord, or CR-V you have always wanted while taking out the pressure of a new purchase or a non-certified used vehicle from a non-certified vendor. If you have any questions about new or certified pre-owned Honda vehicles, or Toyota vs. Honda CPO, feel free to contact us at Walla Walla Valley Honda – our experts are happy to set you up with your own certified pre-owned Honda.

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